Features to look for in a perfect home

December 14, 2018

When buying your dream home, there are certain things that you will look for to tick your checkboxes. There are houses that you see, that feel like they are missing something and then, there are those dreamy ones that you come across that seem just perfect! While the idea of a perfect
house differs for different people, it is undoubtedly a magical feeling to finally stumble upon one. You know instantly when you see yours. But if you are new to the property market, it can get a little confusing.

So below are some of the integral features of a perfect home that you must look for

Floor Plan- The square-feet of a prospective house is always a top priority for any buyer. But what also matters, is how this area has been utilised – what is the floor plan? Are there two large bedrooms or three smaller ones? Is there a balcony to sit in or to have a small garden? While you are looking, consider the size of your home, and ensure how the space has been utilised.

Location – This is another important aspect of your decision. Due to a hike in real-estate prices, it is not uncommon for buyers to look for cheaper options in the outskirts of the city. While this is to be expected, at the same time, it should not leave you inconvenienced or stranded. Consider the transport options from your potential home, the proximity to your workplace, schools, hospitals and grocery stores in and around the area. If you have everything you need nearby, it could be a great choice.

Natural Light- The need for sunlight in a house is often underrated. Not many realise this, but a home that gets ample amount of sunlight tends to look more spacious. Additionally, it has a positive effect on your spirits and psyche, in general. A dull or dark space tends to create a cold, closed-off atmosphere that can affect your outlook to life. So, look for a house with windows in every room and where the sunlight streams in at least at some part of the day.

Floors and Walls- Is it Vinyl or Marble? Is it carpeted? The style of flooring matters depending on the size of your family and the kind of weather conditions in the area in which you live. Similarly, a home design with curved or edgy walls might make it difficult for you to place your furniture in ways that you want to. It may also make rooms look smaller and make it hard to utilise the available space to its full potential.

Closets and Storage- Along with memories, we usually collect a lot of other things in the process of growing older – some with sentimental value and others that are practical. It is imperative that your to-be-home has sufficient storage for the things you have and the ones you will end up collecting as the years go by. A smart way to maximise this is by using box beds, tables with storage and lofts while finalising the interior design.

Clean and Green- With the concerns of impurities and pollution around us increasing, more people are not opting for places that are green and offer lots of open spaces. Parks, outdoor sports’ courts, gardens etc. can help you unwind, and provide your kids with entertainment options and ensure you and your family have clean surroundings. In fact, many societies are now focussing on bringing such concepts, to lure in the conscious homebuyer. Salarpuria Sattva’s Park Cubix, for instance, is a recently launched project, surrounded by 80% greenery to make sure you live a cleaner and greener life.

Security and Amenities- It is also extremely crucial that the place in which you live has adequate security to keep you and your loved ones safe. From security cameras to security guards, living in a safe locality is paramount. In addition to this, the property should also have necessary amenities and facilities in the vicinity to make life more comfortable and convenient. 24×7 water supply, power back-ups etc., are some of the things that can add to the features of a perfect home.

We at Salarpuria Sattva, are single-mindedly focussed on cost-effective homes that fit your pockets and dreams, alike. Keeping this in mind, we have developed quality homes in the city. These are not only located centrally, but offer beautiful green surroundings to keep you and your family happy and healthy. With all the basic amenities available within a few meters, we have taken care of all your needs so that you have the best living experience, in your dream home.

Look forward to serving you!