Green Initiatives

There is a large increase in environmental awareness and consequently, the demand for sustainable buildings is also on the rise. Green buildings are undoubtedly the future face of Indian Real Estate. Technology and sustainability will be key drivers of value for every Real Estate player. As the cost of enhancing buildings, environmental performance falls in line with the lower cost of technological innovations and buyers would be willing to pay a premium for these enhancements. Green measures add a better quality of life and the health of buildings will also experience appreciable improvement.

Salarpuria Sattva’s flagship IT TECH PARK KNOWLEDGE CITY in Hyderabad is rated as per CII’s Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) rating system. The rainwater is being harvested with the help of rainwater harvesting underground tank and rainwater recharge pits/wells. Deep recharge wells are designed and executed for recharging the surface ground water. Therefore, Storm water zero discharge will be implemented by using both harvesting and recharging systems in the envisaged project. In addition, use of Solar PV Panels and Solar Hot Water System is used in the Project. Solar PV Panels will generate electricity which suffice the building part load or lighting load and further ensures the reduction in overall Electrical consumption of the project building. Use of conventional clay brick is avoided and instead more eco-friendly fly ash bricks have been given preference. Investing in offsite renewable energy system to contribute to green and clean energy and encouraging use of building materials which has recycled material content, are some of the other eco-friendly measures used here.