Salarpuria Sattva Anugraha – For a Blissful Life

June 20, 2018

What is fulfilled living? It’s nothing but a celebration of the smallest joys of life.

In keeping with this, Anugraha, an affordable residential property in Vijayanagar extension, off Magadi road, Bengaluru has been designed so you get to enjoy every little joy in life.

Explore the large spaces, enjoy the delightful amenities and take your lifestyle to a new height every day. Here’s what the project offers:

Spacious Homes

The 1, 2 & 3 BHKs give you ample space to enjoy and have fun with your family members and friends – be it dancing, gossiping or playing with your kids.

You’ll Love to Cook Here

With open kitchens, the stylish homes give you joy that is unimaginable. You’ll want to be a chef, every day!

Greenery to Refresh Your Eyes and Mind

The most beautiful feature of Anugraha is the green landscaping. Breathe in fresh air and relax as you take a stroll along the landscaped walkways.

A One-Stop Celebration Destination

The 12 acre property gives you a sprawling lawn for all your family reunions – have a picnic, play volleyball and dig into a delicious lunch!

Sports Facilities at Your Disposal

At Anugraha, the world of sports is yours to command. Think cricket, think basketball, think badminton, think tennis – you have it all here!

Vacations are Now an Everyday Affair

Your wish for a never ending holiday is fulfilled here with an open-air pool – swim, sunbathe or simply unwind in the company of your loved ones.

All these and more come together to give you a life you have always dreamed of. Staying here, you become the emperor of a kingdom that houses over 20 futuristic amenities.

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