Tips to Make Your Home Child Friendly

June 20, 2018

Kids love to explore their environment, so it’s very important to make sure your home is safe for your children.Here we list a few things to check out:

Preventing falls and hurt

  • You can install safety guards across doors, stairs and balconies.
  • Install grills outside the windows.
  • Leave a low power light on at night to make it easier for your kids to go to the washroom and make their way to your bedroom without tripping.
  • A stepping tool by the toilet or low level towel hooks would make it easier for your child to reach out for things easily.
  • Add cushioned corner guards or edging to side tables, chairs and other sharp-cornered surfaces.
  • Secure drawers and cabinets so that they’re unopenable.

Preventing Poisoning

  • Keep medicines away from your child’s reach. Store them up high in a locked cupboard.
  • Keep cosmetics, soaps, shampoos or any cleaning substance away from sight.
  • Also ensure all of your houseplants are of the non-toxic variety.
  • Make sure paint and other hazardous substances are stored in airtight containers and kept on high shelves.

Preventing Burns

  • Keep matches, lighters and tobacco products away from kids.
  • Keep toy batteries away as they can leak acid, causing serious burns.
  • Use stove-knob covers to prevent kids from turning on the burners.

Preventing Fires

  • Install at least one smoke alarm at your home. Check alarm batteries regularly and replace them annually.

Preventing Suffocation and Strangulation

  • Remove items that could strangle or suffocate your child. These items could include cushions, cords, sharp items, carpentry and gardening tools, ropes, sacks, boxes, packaging, etc.
  • Vacuum regularly to suck up any small item that can cause choking.

Water Safety

  • If you have a pool, install a fence or self-locking gate.

Electrical Safety

  • Install safety switches, which cut power off quickly to avoid electrocution.
  • Replace electrical appliances and cords if they’re worn out.
  • Use power point covers.

Here’s to a creating a happy, safe environment for your child to grow up in!